To all who live, work or run businesses in the Parish, thank you for your support  and patience, we're pleased to say the Steering Group have completed the Draft Colerne Neighbourhood Plan.

Now is the time to have your say

As official stake-holders in this process, your comments and views must be shown to be taken into consideration by us as part of this formal 'Reg. 14' consultation. Statutory bodies with an interest in the Parish such as the MoD and Wiltshire Council will also be consulted. You can read the Draft Plan by clicking on the links below and can send comments via the comment box on this page.

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The Draft Colerne Neighbourhood Plan

What happens after the Consultation?

Once the consultation is over, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will consider and assess the responses, with planning advice from our consultants, to make any changes needed. The  Plan will then be submitted to the external government 'Examiner' who will make recommendations for changes. If we accept these changes, the revised plan will be published again and residents will be invited to vote in a referendum. If a simple majority of people vote to support the plan it will be approved, or 'made' and form part of form part of the planning legislation in our Parish. 

Chair of Steering Group Jane Mellett


phone: 01225 742163