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The Draft Plan is being prepared for submission to the Local Authority. All responses to the Reg. 14 Consultation will be followed up to ensure all comments have been considered. Following this,  a planning examiner will assess the plan prior to it being published for a public referendum. Ultimately the community will decide whether to adopt the Plan in a referendum (Summer 2021 onwards) where a simple majority is needed for it to be adopted into Wiltshire Council planning policy.

The Reg. 14 Draft Neighbourhood Plan consists of 2 parts, which you can read by following these links:  


The Reg. 14 public consultation about the Draft Plan was held from 12th October - 7th December 2020. Thank you to everyone who responded.  A series of public webinars were held throughout the consultation period and the feedback we got from these is also being considered.


All background material relevant to the production of the draft Plan can be accessed here

You can read the Strategic Environmental Assessment 'SEA' of the Draft Plan here

Read the Habitat Regulations Assessment 'HRA' of the Draft Plan here

Chair of Steering Group Jane Mellett


phone: 01225 742163



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