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Public Transport

Faresaver runs a local service to and from:

  • Colerne and Bath

  • Colerne and Chippenham.

For timetables please follow the link below and select 'Colerne' from the drop down list. 

Coachstyle run a weekly service from Colerne to Chippenham on a Friday. Click the link below to view the timetable and select route 36.

Older person’s concessionary bus pass 

The Parish Council has been notified that from 1 January 2019 some older persons' Wiltshire concessionary bus passes will no longer be renewed automatically.  This is because there are approximately 20,000 passes in circulation that have never been scanned on a bus, indicating that the pass has not been used. Issuing non-used bus-passes is expensive, and so in these cases the passes will not be automatically renewed when they expire. 


If your pass does not get automatically renewed but you would still like to receive a new one, please contact Wiltshire Council on

0300 456 0100 and they will arrange for your new pass to be issued. 

Wiltshire Council have asked us to point out that if your bus pass does expire and is not automatically renewed, any charges that you do incur on a bus journey will not be refundable. 

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